Tech Specs


Electrical specs

Power 120/240V 2200W max.
Power fail safe UPS included
User Interface 22″ touchscreen
File Interface Ethernet, SD card, USB, WIFI(option, not recommended),

Mechanical specs.

LxWxH 810x850x1720mm
Build volume LxWxH 400x300x400mm
Weight 185Kg
enclosure material Red/Black aluminum (with optional client specific design)
Tools 4 extruders or other electrical tools
Build platform heated up to 140°C
Heated build chamber omni directional heated up to 60°C
X/Y Feedrate and resolution 30.000 mm/min , 14 micron
Z Feedrate and resolution 1200 mm/min , 1.5 micron
Print speed and resolution Filament 1.75mm Nozzle 0.4mm : 200mm/sec , 100 micron
Nozzle sizes 0.15, 0.25, 0.3, 0.35, 0.4(standard), 0.6, 0.8mm


Filament 1,75mm universal filament
Nozzle temperature 400°C
Thermoplasts yes
Elastomer yes


OS Linux, Mac, Windows
Firmware Repetier for HMS434 (open source)
CAM software Cura
Host Octoprint


CE certification 2006/42/CE
Fumes Active exhaust ventilation
Enclosure fully enclosed stand alone unit


Support E-mail, phone, Community, FAQs, Tutorials, manuals
Warranty 2 Years
What`s in the box HMS434 3D machine, Fume extraction unit, UPS, SD card, 1 roll of filament, power cable, USB cable, 3x nozzle sizes, 3Dlac, Software

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