Production with 3D printer

Production with 3D printer.

The manufacturing professional wants to do production. Therefore larger volumes can be made with the HMS434 array and parallel printing.
The HMS434 array synchronizes multiple HMS434 machines and storage cabinets. In the storage cabinets. we supply pre-, post and finishing stations.

Any or all of the HMS434 can be equipped with parallel printing. So that each HMS434 prints up to 4 copies at the same time. If you have 6 HMS434 machines, this means you print 24 identical parts in the same time as it usually takes to print 1 part.

Having dry filament is a must for picture perfect prints. As a result the storage units are humidity controlled.

Because the HMS434 units are connected to the IoT,  you can monitor all settings from anywhere in the world.

Production with 3D printer.