FFF technology facilitator

As FFF technology facilitator we help FFF 3D printer and filament manufacturers to the next level. We also supply OEM equipment.

We have 10+ years of experience in:

  • R&D on Hardware and software for FFF 3D printers
  • Material testing
  • Hardware installation and training
  • CAM software training (slicer)
  • Maintenance services
  • Design for AM

Most engineers design in their old fashion. Costs per print will dramatically drop, with correct design for AM.

Build Volume

The build volume is the main part of your 3D printer

We can help with:

  • Dangerous fumes
  • Combining tools to make 1 multi-material part
  • parallel print multiple parts at the same time.
  • many, many other things


So you made a 3D printer and it prints nice looking parts. Done, right?

Good CAM settings (slicer) may be even more important then your hardware to get good quality prints.

Quality prints is not the same as good looking prints.

we can help with:

  • understanding CAM settings
  • finding the correct CAM settings for your machine
  • good host software with compatible computer

Good host software is very useful. This will connect your machines to the IoT.

Filament storage

As filaments tend to absorb water you will need to store your filaments dry.

We can also help with detecting any unwanted behavior like loss of filament or jamming of filament, so your printer can pause the print if necessary.

Materials & Tools

If you want to make end parts or tooling, your material needs to comply to rules. This generally means you will need to start using engineering filaments.

Engineering filament have special needs to print with. We know all relevant information to print with engineering materials.

If you are a material vendor who needs proper testing of materials, let us know.

We can also help with setting up different types of tools like a viscous materials extruder or other tools.